Carbon Free California Applauds State Lands Commission Approval of Extending Diablo Canyon Lease

(June 5, 2023) – Today, the California State Lands Commission voted to extend the lease for operating Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant by five years, from August 2025 to October 2030. Review of the lease extension and approval by the State Lands Commission was a provision included in SB 846, the 2022 legislation to keep Diablo Canyon online through 2030.
In response to the vote, Carbon Free California Executive Director Dan Richard issued the following statement:

“Today’s State Lands Commission vote furthers the Legislature’s decision to keep California’s largest source of carbon-free energy production at least through 2030. Keeping Diablo Canyon’s always-available zero carbon electricity online will help accelerate our path to a carbon-free energy future while helping to keep the lights on and air conditioners running for Californians – even during extreme weather events.”

About Carbon Free California

Carbon Free California is funded by California-based entrepreneurs and brings together leaders from business, the environmental community, labor and the technology sector to focus on creating a pathway to a carbon-free future and securing the clean, reliable energy needed to power the world’s fifth-largest economy. Carbon Free California believes the state must pursue all forms of emission-free energy to address the climate crisis and achieve our urgent emission reduction goals. Extending the operation of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant will bolster the grid with reliable carbon-free energy and enable the state to transition to increasing shares of wind and solar power, while avoiding disruptive and costly rolling blackouts. Carbon Free California receives no funding from utility or nuclear industry interests. 

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