Carbon Free California

A faster, cleaner and more reliable path to a carbon-free future

The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant is California’s largest source of always-available clean energy generation.

Extending the operation of Diablo Canyon will help ensure that California achieves its climate goals faster while reducing emissions and avoiding dangerous and costly blackouts.

Diablo Canyon is...

An Essential Provider for

An Essential Provider for

California's Energy

Diablo Canyon is essential to keeping the lights on for California homes and businesses without compromising air quality and progress toward the state’s zero-carbon goals. Shuttering Diablo Canyon would remove 15 percent of the state’s carbon-free power generation at a time when the state continues to face electricity shortages.

A Major Component of

A Major Component of

Clean and Affordable Power

California must pursue all forms of emission-free energy. Utilizing Diablo Canyon – in addition to a rapid increase in renewables and other sources of clean energy generation – would significantly reduce power sector emissions as the state transitions to increasing shares of wind and solar power.

A Proven Source of

A Proven Source of

Safe and Reliable Electricity

Diablo Canyon can continue to meet the highest safety standards as it operates, including withstanding even the strongest and rarest earthquakes possible at the site, according to a thorough, nine-year assessment process conducted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

An Affordable Option for

An affordable option for

All Californians

Extending the operation of Diablo Canyon will give the state more time to build out the renewable resources needed to meet our growing demand for clean electricity. 

Why Keep Diablo Canyon?

Diablo Canyon provides California...

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of carbon-free electricity
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of all

Keeping Diablo Canyon running through 2045 would result in...

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approximate cumulative reduction in electricity sector carbon emissions*

Continuing operations at Diablo Canyon could save ratepayers more than...

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Billion through
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Billion through

*Brattle Group study

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